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GRC Automation 


Harness the power of our GRC software to seamlessly integrate governance, risk, and compliance, fortifying your organization against potential threats. Embrace automated, digital risk management to enhance your company's security. With H&S GRC Solutions, you're not burdened with responsibility; instead, you're equipped to effortlessly meet and exceed expectations for your Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management.

Innovative GRC Platform for Proactive Risk Control

Say goodbye to endless Excel consolidation and dodge email disarray. Embrace the simplicity of a digital, automated GRC tool.

Navigating risk management is a pivotal challenge for successful enterprise leadership. A robust GRC strategy is essential to establish crucial touchpoints for identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks. Yet, in many instances, governance, risk, and compliance functions operate in silos, leading to opacity and redundancy, thereby hindering effective risk management. With our state-of-the-art GRC Solutions, you can digitalize risk management tasks, amalgamating critical systems from governance, risk, and compliance domains into one comprehensive software suite. Manage your business risks and controls with proficiency using our central, workflow-based GRC software.


Straightforward Compliance with Internal Procedures and Legal Regulations

Amid the rising tide of cyberattacks and data misuse, business risks have surged. This has sparked a proliferation of legal requirements, alongside corporate governance obligations and quality standards. Our software enables the execution of business processes via automated workflows, ensuring regulatory compliance with ease.

Digital forms for logging risks and controls facilitate the digitization and centralization of your GRC management. Defined responsibilities and workflow-supported processes drive transparency and reduce errors. With our software, you can seamlessly institute a company-wide risk management and internal control system.

Reduce Workload and Cut Costs with Automated GRC Processes

Our solution, offers a multitude of automated workflows. These encompass risk identification and assessment, control detection, and design tests for risks and controls, alongside standard workflows for control effectiveness tests, risk event detection, control execution, and action management.

Automated notifications and reminder emails ensure your governance, risk, and compliance processes run smoothly. The key benefit: Transparent, cross-departmental information availability that fosters collaboration and eradicates redundancies, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Be exceptionally Prepared for External and Internal Audits

When facing external or internal audits, transparent and comprehensible reporting on corporate risks and the corresponding controls or measures are key. Our solution, "Exceptionally Prepared for External and Internal Audits", provides a comprehensive overview of all risk management activities. The solution's integrated audit trail facilitates audit-proof storage of changes, along with a comprehensive change history.

Stored workflows offer optimum insights into your firmly established risk management processes. Practical task management allows you to monitor the processing status of your GRC processes, including all open and completed tasks, at any given time within the software. This ensures your company is always audit-ready.

360-degree view of risks and controls with potent monitoring

Leverage our "360-degree view of risks and controls with potent monitoring" tool for comprehensive measurement and supervision of your risks and controls. The tool provides distinct reporting and monitoring functions, enabling you to generate automatic reports at a single click.

Within the intuitive dashboard, you gain an immediate snapshot of your company's current risk situation. Rapidly identify imminent threats and make informed decisions to mitigate risks. For a detailed analysis, the comprehensive risk overview presents all hazards, classified by risk category, context, and responsibilities. This empowers transparency and swift implementation of new standards in your organization.

Discover the advantages of GRC Automation

Embrace the benefits of GRC Automation with our solution. Establish effective, cross-departmental management of risks, controls, and compliance requirements, simultaneously unlocking tremendous synergistic effects for your company.

Process-based GRC management

Because risk management and processes belong together: intelligently combine your GRC and process management and thus ensure greater compliance.

Predefined templates & workflows

Automated GRC management: easily capture, assess and manage your risks and controls using predefined templates and workflows.

Interactive dashboards

In the dashboard, all relevant information for the respective user as well as upcoming tasks and to-do's can be seen at a glance.

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